Pushy Bitch 101

” In today’s culture, you absolutely have to be a pushy bitch to get anywhere. I’m not saying one should be mean; not the case. Play nice. Always use charm and authenticity. However, if one is pushed into a corner- NO. Honey, just come out swinging!

Didi Diane

AKA  Thunderkitten

I do. And I get what I want. Why? Because I am one ex-east coast pushy bitch who has landed in the mid-west where I have honed my bitchiness into a fine art. Some who have met me would never know of this hidden skill set. It really takes and act of chicanery or egregious behavior to really get my blood boiling  However, I am kind and generous too. ( Insert  cacophonous laughter here) Seriously, I truly am and not to have hubris( as it feels weird to compliment my self): I’m pretty fuc*in funny,sometimes, too.

My whole point is this: Unleash your inner bitch! Let it rip, kitten. When it is à propos, you will know.




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